The IVY Company has unparalleled human resource of over 4700 Ivy League alumni

The IVY Company

Our Team

The Ivy Company team brings together alumni from the ivy league schools namely Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania (Penn) and Yale. Alumni of Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, Stanford, Caltech, Berkeley, Chicago, Duke and Northwestern are also members of the Ivy Company.

This gives the Ivy Company exceptional expertise across industries globally and makes The Ivy Company one of the most human capital rich companies in the world.

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The IVY Company

With unmatched human resources in terms of over four thousand seven hundred Ivy League alumni, The Ivy Company provides clients with the skills, services and products of these Ivy League graduates in diverse fields including finance, management consulting, alternate energy, information technology, consumer products, health care, interior design, and law.

The Ivy Company is the next generation idea in social networking and entrepreneurship. We are a consortium of Ivy League alumni owned businesses and Ivy League alumni. We aim to provide top class services and product in multiple industries globally. We have evolved from the Alumni of the Ivy League network which is a global network of Ivy League alumni with over 118,000 members. This gives us access to the best human capital in the world giving us the ability to rapidly assemble the highest quality teams for launching disruptive businesses globally across multiple industries.

Key Strategies

Our basic philosophy is to use the best human capital in the world to find and execute the best business opportunities for our partners and clients globally. We achieve that by sharing profits generously among ourselves with our partners which gives us a key competitive edge.

Excellence: Best Human Resources in the world

Global Reach: Spanning the world

Networks: Disruptive use of Social Media Networks

Philosophy: Creating value by sharing and cooperating


Global Consortium across Industries

A Global consortium of over four thousand seven hundred Ivy Alumni businesses and Ivy Alumni. The idea being to leverage each others resources, skills and global comparative advantages to create value for each other.

Since our inception we have been operating in multiple industries including utility scale energy projects, mobile application development, digital orthontics and finance.

We are in the process of launching new business units. We have thus created teams with hundreds of ivy alumni for launching business in Financial Engineering, Management Consulting, Law, Staffing.


Consortium News

Consortium members MdeCC and Ivy Energy are currently working on setting up over a gigawatt of conventional and alternate energy power plants in partnership with Ivy and Goldman Sachs alumni owned boutique investment bank WoodRock Securities L.P. Over 2 billion dollars of funding for these projects is to be provided by WoodRock.

Wharton Partners was the first to predict the current Global Financial Crisis back in 1998. Can you benefit with such analysis keeping in view the global economy?

Ivy Lab is our mobile applications development studio with over two hundred ivy league alumni getting together to venture in the mobile Apps industry.